No Barriers to Self-Service Webcasting

Posted by Daniel Roche on Feb 22, 2017 12:30:00 PM

Enterprises have been reaping the benefits of webcasts for a long time. Combining high-quality video with webcast elements, including slides and interactive features such as Q&A and polling, is a compelling, effective way for companies to reach a wide, geographically dispersed audience. No longer constricted by cost and complexity, cloud-based, self-service video webcasting is gaining a foothold in enterprise communications strategies.

The Convey self-service webcasting platform is an agile communications tool that adjusts to varied devices, infrastructure, and networks. It doesn’t require any capital investment. Enterprises leverage their investments in existing infrastructure to deliver professional-caliber webcasts.

Convey automates video signal acquisition from a variety of sources, including video conferencing and telepresence units, webcams, and encoders.

Any Device, No-Hassle Connectivity

Users can access and view a video webcast created by Convey from any device they’re on – desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Users connect directly from the browser through a single URL. No downloads, apps, or plug-ins are required.

Convey supports HTML5, the latest standard that defines HTML. With many enterprise websites blocking the use of Flash-based plug-ins because of security vulnerabilities, HTML5 webcasts make use of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and don’t require browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player. Streams are delivered to browsers through the same secure ports and protocols used by SSL-protected websites.

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