Being On-Demand Makes Training More Effective

Posted by Daniel Roche on Mar 15, 2017 12:31:00 PM

Every employee needs some training. New employees need onboarding, everyone needs harassment-free workplace training, and management needs leadership and development training. Conventional wisdom has long held that the most cost-effective way to accomplish training is through on-de
mand video. 

A major reason that on-demand training video is so popular is that it cuts out the need for costly travel. That expense savings alone can drive the desire for this format of training. Airfare, gas, meals, and hotel costs significantly impact the return on investment for training (have you priced a carafe of coffee at a Chicago hotel?) If your organization is widespread or international, travel can make training cost-prohibitive. This is the most obvious reason why on-demand training has taken off in the last decade. However, there are even more compelling reasons why this format is so successful. It can be boiled down to one word: effectiveness.

Experts provide the training

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The Unbeatable Benefits of Using Video for Training

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 25, 2017 11:44:49 AM

From on boarding new hires to grooming management for future executive positions, your human resources department shoulders a lot of responsibility for ensuring that employees are trained.

Throughout the organization, human resources staff are increasingly relying on video to help get the job done.

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Video Provides the Centerpiece of Online Training Toolkits

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 18, 2017 11:27:09 AM

Learning may start on a new hire’s first day, but it never stops. Management training, sales training, product training . . . This is only some of the important learning within an organization that requires ongoing attention, care, and feeding.

A popular training resource, online toolkits aggregate in a single location all the collateral, learning aids, links to external sites, and any other information the targeted audience needs to build knowledge or acquire specialized skills. A visual medium such as video is the ideal centerpiece of a training toolkit.

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Video Webcasts are Effective for New Business Process Training

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 17, 2017 11:24:17 AM

From booking and expensing travel to requesting time off to signing emails, every company has its own way of doing things. And many business processes and procedures will eventually be replaced with new and improved, perhaps automated, versions.

Whatever the case, all new hires and existing employees must be trained on the right steps to take to ensure business processes and procedures are executed correctly and efficiently.

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Video Takes Management and Leadership Training to the Next Level

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 13, 2017 11:52:56 AM

Professional and leadership development training for managers is vital to a company’s success and growth. Organizations rely on managers to execute their vision and strategic business objectives, and to be prepared to step into key leadership roles whenever the need arises.

Organizations typically look to human resources personnel to help ensure that the right training is in place to help individuals develop their management skills and successfully advance in the leadership ranks. The best way to administer highly effective training for busy managers is through prerecorded on-demand videos and live video webcasts.  

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Video Decreases Product Time to Visibility and Time to Market

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 5, 2017 12:26:34 PM

Leading companies are looking for ways to rise above the clutter of the marketplace. They need to differentiate their products and brand while shortening new-product time to visibility and time to market. It might be a tall order but not impossible to fulfill. The power of video can help.

Incorporating video and interactive webcasts into your marketing strategy can significantly extend your reach to a wider global audience and boost the impression of your product launch.

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Human Resources and Video: Connect and Engage with Employees

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Dec 6, 2016 1:52:10 PM

Video helps reinforce employees’ desire for corporate transparency and fosters a feeling among employees of being valued by management. An executive can share company news with expressions and body language that simply cannot be conveyed through text. This authentic communication builds trust among employees, bolstering their emotional connection to the company.

As the steward of your company’s culture and values, the Human Resources function plays a crucial role in engaging and uniting employees. Effective internal communication is vital for success. Layer on a multi-generational, geographically dispersed workforce, and the communication challenges only multiply.

With the swelling popularity of YouTube and video viewing among consumers, it’s not surprising that corporate video usage is rising. Video engages employees like no other medium. 

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