Engagement is a Powerful Measure of Webcasting ROI

Posted by Chris Fasano on Oct 16, 2017 2:01:00 PM

The analytics provided by today’s webcasting platforms make it easy to evaluate the performance of your online events through key metrics such as attendance rate, participant behavior during the webcast, and conversions. Monitoring such data over time not only gives you the opportunity to continually improve your online communications, but also to measure their impact against your marketing investment.  

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Leverage Marketing Automation to Boost Webcast ROI

Posted by Chris Fasano on Jun 23, 2017 12:03:00 PM

Does your company use marketing automation software? Does your company produce webcasts? If yes to both, are you taking advantage of the integration between these two platforms? If not, you may be leaving potentially rich selling opportunities on the table.

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Top 3 Ways Webcasts Power Marketing

Posted by Chris Fasano on Apr 13, 2017 12:04:00 PM

In a nod to their effectiveness as a corporate communications vehicle, webcasts are increasingly being incorporated into training, recruiting, sales, and other business processes. Webcasts are also among the most effective content marketing vehicles, as validated by industry surveys. Very few marketing efforts rival the reach, engagement, and built-in analytics that webcasting can provide.

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Tap Your Webcasts for New Content Marketing Opportunities

Posted by Daniel Roche on Mar 22, 2017 12:02:00 PM

Content marketing is about attracting, informing, and engaging a target audience with useful, relevant, high-quality content. Of course, the ultimate aim is converting that content into new business. Content marketing done well can elevate your brand and help build trust and loyalty among existing and prospective customers.

Don’t stymie your ROI by sitting on valuable content. Instead, optimize your investment and invigorate new leads by reusing and repurposing that content.

Webcasts have high reuse potential. The on-demand version of a live webcast is an opportunity to extend the reach of your message and capture fresh leads. You can tailor on-demand webcasts for different audiences by modifying the presentation slides and adding downloadable, user-targeted content.

In addition to making webcasts available on demand, there are many other ways to extend mileage from your webcasts. Here are just a few:

1. Podcasts - Present the audio from your live event as a free podcast, and get the audio recording transcribed. Turn the transcript into a branded PDF and post it on your website with a link to the podcast. This post not only gives users another way to consume the content, but search engines will pick up the transcript text and make it findable. You might also consider translating the audio and its accompanying transcript into different languages to attract more leads globally.

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The Unbeatable Benefits of Using Video for Training

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 25, 2017 11:44:49 AM

From on boarding new hires to grooming management for future executive positions, your human resources department shoulders a lot of responsibility for ensuring that employees are trained.

Throughout the organization, human resources staff are increasingly relying on video to help get the job done.

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Enhance Customer Reach and return on Investment at your next event

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 11, 2017 12:29:11 PM

 One minute of video can be equivalent to 1.8 million words, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research. Video’s impact and potential reach is unrivaled. Enhancing reach and return on investment (ROI) is why marketing teams are incorporating video webcasting into their event strategies.

If your company is going to be at a tradeshow, for example, webcasting the live event expands your reach from the fixed number of people attending the event to thousands of potential customers online.

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