Use Video to Promote and Inspire Innovation

Posted by Daniel Roche on Feb 16, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Innovation in the workplace isn’t about a single event or series of events. It’s not an internal marketing campaign, program, or initiative. Innovation should be baked into a company’s culture, supported from the top down, appropriately resourced, and continually promoted.

Video can help motivate and inspire employee innovation.

Empower Employees to Share Ideas

When an employee has a new idea, it usually isn’t run up the management chain for review. Oftentimes, only a handful of people will end up being privy to the idea. But what if lots of people across the company could benefit from that idea? Maybe they can expand its scope or even refine it. But controlled communication protocols inhibit the flow of ideas across team boundaries.

Video changes that. When Microsoft launched an internal YouTube-like portal, employees were encouraged to record their ideas and share them. Within three years, more than 10,000 videos were posted. As the software giant showed, employee-generated video recognizes that everyone as a subject matter expert in something. Sharing that expertise feeds a continuous cycle of improvement and innovation.

Motivation Starts at the Top

Employees want to know how they contribute to their company’s strategic goals. Specifically, they want to know how their role or their group achieved those goals. To inspire employees, leaders at all levels need to connect their teams’ day-to-day activities with the company’s mission.

Short videos recorded by managers and executives can make this connection in a way that engages and motivates employees. Embedding the video in a webcast player such as Convey provides the opportunity to poll or survey employees and get their feedback immediately.

Webcasting events such as hackathons and other innovation competitions give remote and mobile employees a chance to watch them live. Then, the archived webcasts can be archived and shared on demand, giving new hires a sense of the company’s commitment to innovation.

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