Updating Employees on Benefit Changes through Webcasts

Posted by Chris Fasano on Jun 27, 2017 12:01:00 PM

Your Human Resources team thinks about benefits all year long. They plan, analyze, re-analyze, and communicate new benefits constantly. They’ve taken the time to learn and understand the complex ins and outs of benefit plans and offerings, and they regularly talk about these benefits with employees individually and in groups.

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Importing your Culture to a New Market

Posted by Chris Fasano on May 15, 2017 12:02:00 PM

Your company is a success. You’ve built a great reputation and made a lot of money in your home location. Your employees are engaged and feel that their work is meaningful. Now you set your sites on expansion.  It should be easy, right?  You just do the exact same things you’ve been doing…just 1,200 miles away. So easy.

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The Automation of Administrative Tasks Frees HR Professionals to Drive the Business

Posted by Chris Fasano on May 9, 2017 12:03:00 PM

Technology has changed the face of business. This is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the Human Resources department. The rule of thumb used to be one HR person for every 100 employees. Now the number is one for every 500 employees. Back when cabinets were filled employee files, all the paper that required pushing required people to push it. Today, all of that information is now stored in the cloud and can be accessed securely from a phone.

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The First 90 days with a New Boss

Posted by Chris Fasano on May 3, 2017 12:02:00 PM

Over the course of your career, you will most likely have a new boss or two.  Whether you are an executive who reports to the CEO or in an entry-level position or, having a new boss can be stressful. Stories about new bosses coming in and “bringing in their own people” are common. How can you make it more likely that you will keep your position and continue to be successful?  Here are some tips for the first 90 days:

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Management by Goal Setting

Posted by Chris Fasano on May 2, 2017 12:01:00 PM

As companies become leaner and more technologically advanced, fewer people are deemed “necessary.” There used to be 12 people on your team and now there are only seven. This means there is more “job” in every job. Management is more important than ever. Effective management starts with thinking about (and really understanding) what the critical goals are for your team on an annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis.

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The Most Important Hires You Make: Your Recruiting Team

Posted by Chris Fasano on Apr 18, 2017 12:03:00 PM

Every hire is important. If you are a member of an HR team, you understand that better than anyone.  However, there is no more important position than one that is the face of the company to candidates.  In other words, recruiters. And as our economy rebounds and the war for talent heats back, this critical role is even more valuable to the organization. Here are some things to consider:

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Using Mixed Media to Announce New Employees and Employee Departures

Posted by Chris Fasano on Apr 6, 2017 12:02:00 PM

Who’s that?  Whatever happened to Robert in Accounting?  These questions run through people’s minds at companies every day.  No matter what size the company, new faces can be puzzling, especially as organizations go through growth.  It can be hard to keep up with the new employees and what exactly they do. 

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Video Interviewing for Recruitment on the Rise

Posted by Chris Fasano on Apr 4, 2017 12:02:00 PM

As companies become more global, video screening and interviewing will become an increasingly popular recruitment tool. For many enterprises, video interviewing is helping Human Resources departments reduce recruitment costs, improve the candidate and employer experience, and better align human resource strategies with business objectives.

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Human Resources Considerations to Ensure Your Video Content is Appropriate

Posted by Daniel Roche on Mar 23, 2017 12:02:00 PM

There are important considerations for HR teams when they are creating or reviewing video content for internal and external consumption. Often there is so much emphasis put on the significance and creativity of the message that other implications are overlooked. Be sure to adhere to company policies. It could save you a headache or two later.

It's very popular now to have videos on your website talking about how great your company is to work for. This is a wonderful tool to help sell candidates on the idea of coming to work for your organization. There are some great examples out there of “employment commercials.”  However, like any other communication with candidates, you should ensure nothing can be construed as a promise of employment. The video should make no promises at all. Remember that you are responsible for that content just as you are for any other candidate contact.

Specifically, when you are producing (or reviewing) content for videos about employment, you need to be ticked and tied regarding different departmental “perks.” If employees are giving their own testimonials about their experiences at the company, it can be different from how certain policies are written. For example, a person in accounting may talk about how great it is to have a flex-time schedule, but that schedule is not available to employees in the warehouse or sales department. Therefore, that information shouldn’t be front and center in any distribution that hits the candidates for sales and warehouse positions.

Keep your harassment-free workplace policy in mind as you review the content as well. Is there video from the company picnic (which is a great sponsored event) where employees have their arms around one another? Not appropriate for wide distribution due to your policy regarding unwanted physical contact. And make sure you review all the t-shirts in that same video. Some very funny shirts are political or sexually suggestive in nature and have no place on a company-distributed video. Also, the dress code for a picnic is often different from what it is for the office. Ensure that every video reveals nothing more than camaraderie.

Don’t oversell any positions represented. For example, if you are touting your sabbatical program, make sure that you are also clear about the specifics (only after five years does an employee become eligible, and not all employees receive this benefit). And if your sales employees work every evening and weekend, make sure that is mentioned along with the tremendous earning potential. This will save your recruiting team some grief (and time).

In other words, when putting a video out, whether for internal or external consumption, be sure to take it as seriously as any other communication your team might put out. Ensure that it shows the company and its employees in the best light while being responsible to anyone who may consume it. While some of you are probably thinking that this may make your videos less fun, rest assured – it will make your work life less stressful.

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Human Resources and Video: Connect and Engage with Employees

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Dec 6, 2016 1:52:10 PM

Video helps reinforce employees’ desire for corporate transparency and fosters a feeling among employees of being valued by management. An executive can share company news with expressions and body language that simply cannot be conveyed through text. This authentic communication builds trust among employees, bolstering their emotional connection to the company.

As the steward of your company’s culture and values, the Human Resources function plays a crucial role in engaging and uniting employees. Effective internal communication is vital for success. Layer on a multi-generational, geographically dispersed workforce, and the communication challenges only multiply.

With the swelling popularity of YouTube and video viewing among consumers, it’s not surprising that corporate video usage is rising. Video engages employees like no other medium. 

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