Google Debuts App to Compete with Apple FaceTime

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Aug 18, 2016 11:52:17 AM

Video communication with our mobile devices have been around since front-facing cameras were introduced to smart phones. However, we tend to stick to text-messages and voice calls when reaching friends, family and even co-workers.

Google is looking to change that with their newest application for video chat, Google Duo. Duo is intended to be a fast, simple and secure way to video communicate with mobile users who don't need to have the same software to operate. 

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Chrome Browser will Default to HTML5 by the End of the Year

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Aug 10, 2016 11:25:06 AM

In May of this year, Google circulated an internal draft proposal to effectively block Flash from their Chrome browser and prioritize HTML5 by the end of the year. Today we've learned that the company will be going ahead with the plan to "demphasize" Flash, by disabling the plug-in through multiple versions of Chrome. 

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The Rise of Web Real-Time Communication

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jun 30, 2016 1:21:47 PM

This month WebRTC technology celebrates its five-year anniversary of being open sourced. WebRTC stands Web for Real-Time Communication, and it is quickly becoming an emerging standard for web-based audio and video communication. 

WebRTC can be added to websites and mobile applications without the need for a phone or video conferencing software. It is currently available in browsers Chrome, Edge and FireFox, with support coming for Safari later this year.

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Apple says No to Plugins, Will Focus on HTML5 in Safari 10

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jun 24, 2016 12:30:38 PM

The late Steve Jobs had a personal disdain for Adobe Flash. Specifically its security vulnerabilities and inherent issues to back door into personal computers, servers and data centers.

If Mr. Jobs were alive today he'd be happy to hear Apple's recent announcement to disable media plugins Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Sun-Oracle's Java and their very own Quicktime in the upcoming release of browser Safari 10.

The announcement was made last week at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Safari 10 will debut alongside new MacOS, Sierra which is set to release later this fall.

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TalkPoint Webcasts Powered by HTML5

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jun 22, 2016 12:32:55 PM

In a world where technology seems to change within a moments notice, it is difficult for companies to distinguish if a product offering is suitable for their business model, or if there is even a need at all.

As a technology company we are constantly looking for ways to improve on our product. Last week we completed migration of our award-winning Convey webcasting platform to an all HTML5 solution. 

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Twitter to add Periscope Embeds for Apple and Android Users

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jun 20, 2016 1:14:12 PM

Social media giant Twitter announced last week that users on Android and iOS devices will now be able to embed Periscope broadcasts into their Twitter feeds.

The news comes with Twitter's very own new live video button, allowing mobile users to film live Periscope broadcasts directly from the Twitter app instaed of having to open the Periscope one. 

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