The Environmentally Responsible Side of Webcasting

Posted by Chris Fasano on Aug 31, 2017 12:02:00 PM

In today’s increasingly global workforce, many companies rely on streaming technology such as webcasting to communicate with employees, partners, and other stakeholders cost efficiently while reducing their corporate travel budget. Indeed, webcasting is an effective, fiscally responsible communications choice.

A lesser-discussed benefit of webcasting is its positive impact on the environment – specifically, its ability to help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

It’s well known that emissions from cars, planes, and other transportation vehicles contain carbon dioxide and substances that harm the environment, and scientists have shown the direct effect such emissions have on global warming. Reducing business travel goes a long way toward decreasing a company’s carbon footprint.

Live webcasting is an ideal alternative to the meetings, conferences, and events that enterprises traditionally have conducted face to face, such as annual sales meetings, company all-hands, town halls, investor days, and product launches, among many others.

Video webcasting delivers a rich user experience that people can access in real time from anywhere. Additionally, webcasting has the potential to raise attendance at an event and, in doing so, expand the reach of corporate messaging.

Another environmentally friendly benefit of webcasting is that it minimizes the production and waste of paper and other presentation materials. A webcast makes the presentation and related content available for download. Attendees generally print the materials only as needed.

Webcasting also helps companies conserve energy, decreasing or eliminating the electricity, gas, and other energy resources that would’ve been required for a large, in-person event.

Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable business practices have become core initiatives for companies all over the world. Through reducing their carbon footprint, decreasing energy consumption, and minimizing waste production, more and more enterprises are embedding “green” initiatives into their operations and transparently doing their part to further social responsibility.

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