Human Resources: Improve Internal Communications Regarding Benefits

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 24, 2017 12:09:02 PM


Getting employees to become more engaged in benefits education is a high hurdle for most human resources departments. Studies show that less than 20 percent of employees in U.S. companies feel they completely understand annual healthcare costs and deductibles.

That’s why enterprises are increasingly using interactive multimedia video webcasting to improve employee engagement and decision-making. 

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Topics: webcasting, corporate communications, human resources, benefits

Investor Relations Webcast Increase Corporate Reach and Transparency

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 4, 2017 12:23:19 PM

Investor relations professionals, especially in large enterprises, are long-time champions of webcasts for delivering vital financial data and announcements to target audiences worldwide.

Video is an ideal medium to give shareholders, potential investors, and financial analysts what they want from your investor relations team: corporate transparency, consistency, and timely, direct communication about the company’s business outlook.

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Topics: webcasting, corporate communications, investors relations, finance

Holiday Communication Tips to Follow

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Nov 17, 2016 12:09:09 PM

The holidays are in sight and there are less than two months remaining in 2016. Budgets are being closed, bills are being finalized and preparation for the first quarter of next year are beginning.

Have you met your business objectives for the year?

It's not too late to reach out to clients and now is a perfect time to either strengthen existing relationships, or touch base with new prospects before the close of the year.

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Topics: corporate communications, business relationships, meetings, holidays

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