The Advantages of Multi-Location Webcasts

Posted by Chris Fasano on Mar 28, 2017 12:40:00 PM

Streaming video has gained a foothold in our lives, with cameras embedded in laptops, tablets, and the mobile phones in our pockets. It follows that streaming video will continue to play an increasingly important role as a business communications tool. According to a 2015 Wainhouse Research survey of more than 1,500 corporate executives, the majority of them agreed that their organizations should do more to capitalize on video technologies to enhance communications.

One such avenue gathering steam is multi-location, or multipoint, video webcasting. A multi-location webcast pulls video feeds from multiple geographically-dispersed sites into one live webcast distributed on a one-to-many basis. A multipoint webcast can feature several subject matter experts (SMEs) sharing knowledge from wherever they are. Typically, a single video bridge can support three or more video locations.

This “some-to-many” webcast presentation isn’t just a series of talking heads on screen, but is akin to what you see on cable news television. For example, an SME in San Jose, California, appears alongside an SME in Atlanta, Georgia, and an SME in Bangalore, India – all of them presented in the same webcast simultaneously.

Advances in self-service webcasting platforms make it possible for even non tech-savvy users to handle webcasts featuring video feeds from multiple locations.

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Ignite Executive Communications and Boost Employee Engagement

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Jan 19, 2017 1:52:31 PM

Employees are the best pool of brand ambassadors a company has. It is important to keep employees aligned with company strategy and goals, and they must be informed early about new corporate policies and significant business changes.

It’s beneficial for workers to receive these types of messages directly from executives. Getting high-level company communications from executives forges a connection between employees and upper management, increasing job loyalty and morale. Executive communication also promotes corporate accountability and transparency and helps to ensure that employees share messages externally that are consistent with the company’s vision.

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