Human Resources and Video: Connect and Engage with Employees

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Dec 6, 2016 1:52:10 PM

Video helps reinforce employees’ desire for corporate transparency and fosters a feeling among employees of being valued by management. An executive can share company news with expressions and body language that simply cannot be conveyed through text. This authentic communication builds trust among employees, bolstering their emotional connection to the company.

As the steward of your company’s culture and values, the Human Resources function plays a crucial role in engaging and uniting employees. Effective internal communication is vital for success. Layer on a multi-generational, geographically dispersed workforce, and the communication challenges only multiply.

With the swelling popularity of YouTube and video viewing among consumers, it’s not surprising that corporate video usage is rising. Video engages employees like no other medium. 

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What Really Goes on During a Conference Call?

Posted by Joseph de Leon on Oct 26, 2016 1:01:44 PM

The conference call is an important tool for business communication. It has been around nearly as long as the telephone and has connected people despite their location. It’s also commonly associated with multi-tasking.

How many times have you found yourself taking a conference call while doing something else? Has that something else ever distracted you from a call? Has your call distracted you from doing something else?

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