How Webcasts Can Increase Your Association's Revenue

Posted by Chris Fasano on Jan 10, 2018 9:20:48 AM

There are thousands of associations worldwide. And self-service webcasts offer a great way for them to increase their revenues, with minimal cost and setup time required. 

Listed below are some ways webcasts can increase your association’s revenue.

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Grow Awareness for New Members

Webcasts are a great way to spread the word about your association and the work it does or supports. With live broadcasts, you’ll easily be able to reach new members from around your country, or even around the world. And the more active members your association has, the more revenue it will generate. Many self-service webcasting services are also scalable to the size of your audience, and they offer easy ways to broadcast live video to a variety of audiences from around the world. 

Keep Existing Members and Donors Involved

If you’re searching for a way to keep your association members and donors engaged, webcasts are a great way to connect with them and keep them up-to-date on a rolling basis. Sometimes donors or members forget to contribute time or money to your association simply because they get distracted by their daily lives and responsibilities. Regular webcasts throughout the year can remind them of the value your association brings and how they can help support it by showcasing the work it does. You can even live broadcast annual conferences, fundraising events, keynote addresses, and board meetings, so everyone can be involved and engaged.

Showcase Thought Leadership and Commitment to Initiatives

Regularly hosted webcasts is a great way to showcase your association’s ingenuity and importance in the community by highlighting research or studies it has conducted or sponsored. Donors and members alike would much rather support and fund an association that has demonstrated its value and consistently shows its commitment to initiatives they care about. If you want to gain even more traction and financial support for your association, be sure to record and share live webcasts that highlight your research and work for as long as possible. This will create a steady stream of new members as well as differentiate your association as a thought leader in its field. And if your association conducts cutting-edge research, you could also charge a small fee for viewers to access it, further increasing revenue streams.  

Offer a New, Creative, and Engaging Way to Share Information with Your Audience

While donors and members always want to hear about what your association is doing, an endless stream of boring PDF reports and simple emails is not enough to keep them engaged long-term. Webcasts offer opportunities for those who support your association to get involved in a more engaging way, in real-time. Audience members can post questions, respond to polls, chat amongst themselves, and more. During your live broadcasts, you can also get as creative as you want with the information you share and the way you share it. You can interview people on a platform, display visualized graphics and data, show cartoon characters immersed in a story, etc.

Webcasts are a great way to engage your association’s members and donors (new and long-standing) while growing its revenue.


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