4 Not So Obvious Ways to Use Webcasting to Help Your Business

Posted by Chris Fasano on Feb 8, 2018 10:24:54 AM

The enterprise video market will be worth [$40.84 billion](https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/PressReleases/enterprise-video.asp) by 2020, and a huge chunk of that will be attributed to webcasting. Businesses are starting to realize the power of hosting webcasts on a regular basis; they are adopting Do-it-Yourself platforms and spending a lot of time and money on designing the most creative webcasting strategies possible to outpace their competition. But unfortunately, a lot of their webcasting strategies are starting to look identical to one another.

To stay ahead, you’ll want to consider some of the not-so-obvious ways to use webcasts listed below.

1. Entertaining Videos with a Story Line

Everyone dislikes being sold to, and they want to believe that they can’t be manipulated by marketing paraphernalia. But people do love being entertained. So, hosting a bunch of webcasts where you’re blatantly trying to sell products or services could be one of the fastest ways to turn people off from your brand. Instead, opt for creating webcasts where you build a storyline that’s funny or entertaining and really grabs the attention of your viewers. For example, if you work for an office supply company, you could have a series of webcasts that feature people working in an office who encounter funny scenarios, without explicitly selling office supplies.

2. Create Teaser Videos for Other Events and Promotions

Teaser videos spark interest. They leave viewers wanting to learn more, encouraging them to take immediate action. These types of webcasts will be ideal to share when you’re trying to generate attention around something like an exclusive event, a flash sale, or a promotion. For instance, you could host a short live webcast that features a few items from a clothing line but doesn’t reveal the whole line. Instead, it would encourage viewers to check out the entire line on your website and use a code for a limited amount of time to receive a discount.

3. Talk About Issues in Your Industry

Typically, everyone wants to host webcasts that showcase how amazing they are and how everything is moving forward in their industries. Marketers don’t usually want to talk about why marketing can be difficult for them. Data scientists don’t want to talk about why certain databases can’t solve all our problems. And so on. But talking about issues you face on a day-to-day basis in your industry will be a breath of fresh air to others who also experience similar issues. Proposing a solution to the issue is ideal, but simply bringing up a common issue will spur a lot of discussion and innovation.

4. Interview Customers, Unscripted

It’s always a good idea to interview industry leaders on panels and in one-on-one interviews. But a lot of times viewers want to hear more from people just like them. So, host live webcasts where you go out and talk to people in an unscripted and more informal environment. If you don’t want to ask them questions about your own brand, you can still ask them questions about issues they have with certain products or services, or problems in your industry they’re concerned about, etc.

To remain competitive in your industry, continue to think of innovative ways to use webcasts, starting with the list above.

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